Crowd Source Your Code Reviews

Source Crowd is taking the time consuming and expensive process of code reviewing your software and making it faster and more accurate by finding the most complex changes and sending them out to the community for code review.

Crowd sourced code review tool

We have built a code review tool that makes sure your most complex code changes are analyzed and reviewed by developers in the community with the most appropriate skill sets.

Full control over what code the community can see

You choose which code gets reviewed after we have broken it out into logical blocks for you. Our goal will always be to give just enough context to perform an accurate code review while still keeping as much code anonymity as possible.

A community of developers, architects, and designers

By joining the Source Crowd you will be joining a community of developers, architects and designers with broad ranges of skills from all over the world. The more you send your code reviews to the crowd, the more we can grow, learn and make great software together.

Integration with GitHub

Source Crowd will automatically connect with your GitHub repositories and pull down specific branches to be reviewed. Don't worry... You can also manually upload code without connecting to your github repository.

About Us

We are a small team who thought it would be great to have a better tool help us do better code reviews. We set out to build something to make our code review process more efficient, and realized how awesome this tool would be if we let the whole world use it.

So, we set out to build a tool that could help anyone put meaningful code reviews together and have anyone with the right skillsets anlyze it and provide completely unbiased feedback.

We thought it was a pretty simple idea, and we hope we can build a community around it.


Brad (a.k.a. Eric Clapton)